“ I’ve always had the wish to give people a more colorful life.”

This wish is fulfilled through the transformation of elements observed by a vision informed in works that the color and diversity of shapes captures the observer’s eye and mind in a statement that is at the same time playful and instigating. The preferred canvas chosen for her art seems to fulfill this same desire – objects that can be handled on a day-to-day basis and tiles, which take the shape of panels that present themselves immediately for the eyes.

With the rigor of the artisans of old, Calu crafts each piece, overlapping layers of stickers and hand made paintings. From nature, Calu gathers flowers, birds, butterflies, small insects and fish, mixed in an (un) orderly fashion that reminds us of a oneiric atmosphere. The symbolic universe of the artist’s myths and beliefs represents the human aspect: mandalas, saints, Orixás, Oriental divinities, as well as references to classical painting. The addition of these elements, isolated or combined, is not done by chance. There is always a reason waiting to be discovered by the attentive observer.

Colors and dreams is what Calu Fontes offers us in her pieces…